The MLA Trust Jacket replaces the cumbersome and uncomfortable limb protection with a unique and safer and more comfortable one piece jacket.

The Trauma Reduction and Unrivalled Shock Technology (TRUST) Jacket is tested and certified to HOSDB 20/07 Blunt Trauma Protector Standard for UK Police 2007 and is the product of choice of our Public order officers for upper body limb protection.

Combining new materials and technologies this protective undergarment offers a lightweight, low profile, base layer of blunt trauma protection powered by D30.

Provides the wearer with the ultimate impact protection while retaining comfort and flexibility. 

Trust Jacket

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The MLA Trust Jacket is the future for protecting the public order officer. 

It replaces the need for cumbersome and uncomfortable pieces of limb protection as the Jacket is quicker to don and safer and more comfortable to wear.

The Trust Jacket is now the first choice for many PSU teams because of its lightweight and comfortable feel and it is also;

  • Tested and certified to HOSDB Standard 20/07
  • Features flame retardant fabric
  • Advanced impact protection 
  • Quick donning for the officer
  • Fully breathable and so can be worn in all conditions
  • Low profile ensuring the officer can remain agile
  • Flexible & Lightweight
  • Suitable for covert use under uniforms

If you would like to see the vest please visit our YouTube Channel

Trust Vest by MLA - YouTube

Coming Soon....MLA Trust Trousers

Where would Spencer have been without Marks or Benz without Mercedes?

Partnerships made in heaven and we are no different…

MLA first brought you the unique Trust Vest….

You can now have the trousers to match!

The Public Order officer can now benefit from total body protection using the latest designs and D30 technology to provide a flexible, comfortable, and lightweight outfit.

Offering protection to the Thighs, Knees, Shin, Groin, abdomen, and Hips MLA Trust trousers are constructed with the same flame-retardant lightweight jersey and breathable mesh as the proven Trust Vest.

The Unique design allows the protective pads to be removed allowing the Trousers and Vest to be safely and easily machine washed at 40 degrees.

The Trousers are made from fire retardant soft touch lightweight jersey ensuring a streamlined and comfortable and conform to standard EN533.

Elastic tabs are woven throughout the trouser to safeguard limbs are always protected while the elastic stretch allows good range of moment.

We have incorporated mesh side panels to increase airflow and breathability and so guaranteeing enhanced comfort for the user.

The trousers have an elasticated waistband with internal drawstring to secure the best possible fit and comfort for the Police officer.

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