Foot injuries involving the metatarsal bones are prevalent and can have a significant impact on mobility. 

The Public Order & Riot Metatarsal Protectors offer a solution by providing reliable protection to this vulnerable area, without compromising comfort or flexibility during movement.

 These protectors are easily secured using a durable leather strap threaded under boot laces for a secure fit.

The Public Order & Riot metatarsal protectors have been meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the highest industry standards. 

They are trusted and utilised by police and security forces worldwide. 

Rigorous testing has confirmed their compliance with the UK Home Office DSTL Standard 20/07, ensuring their effectiveness in real-world scenarios.

The MLA Metatarsal protector is designed to be worn in conjunction with the MLA Shin/Knee protector & provides excellent protection of the foot from falling loads.

This guard provides excellent protection to the foot and comfortably sits over the top of boots. It is easily fastened through the boot laces. It is available in four sizes to fit all shoe sizes.

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This boot features a vacuum-formed ABS outer shell, providing optimal protection for the instep and extending beyond the toecap. 

The inner foam layer absorbs impact and is accompanied by a polyester fabric lining, ensuring user comfort. 

To secure the guard in place, a 25mm flame retardant leather strap passes through the boot laces and fastens with hook-and-loop closure.

Available in four sizes - 0-3 these are as follows;

Size 0 - Shoe Size 3-4

Size 1 - Shoe Size 5-8

Size 2 - Shoe Size 8-10

Size 3 - Shoe Size 11+

0 - 9.5cm x 13cm

1 - 10cm x 14cm

2 - 10cm x 15cm

3 - 12cm x 16.5cm

Constructed from high impact ABS thermoplastic moulding with impact absorbing accentuated ribbing and further lined with impact absorbing foam laminate, giving excellent protection to the top and sides of the foot. 

The protector is designed to be worn in conjunction with the  shin/knee protector.

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