The MLA Key pouch is made from strong nylon and is the perfect size for storing your secure ward or prison wing keys where they can't be pulled from your belt. The back of the pouch features a strong double belt loop suitable for all belts up to 50mm wide.

Keep your head clear with peace of mind knowing your keys are secure and always by your side. 

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Durable Nylon Key Pouch for Secure Storage - Ideal for Prison Officers and Security Personnel

Keep your keys secure with our high-quality nylon key pouch. Specifically designed for prison officers, security wardens, and uniform officers, our pouch ensures your keys stay safe and within reach at all times.

The MLA key pouch comes with a robust nickel-plated chain that measures 92cm. The chain has welded links and a dog hook clip for added security. Our pouch is constructed from durable 1200D nylon, ensuring long-lasting quality and durability.

With dimensions of approximately 15x11x3.5cm, the pouch is perfectly sized to securely store your ward or prison wing keys. 

You can rest assured that they won't be easily removed from your belt. On the back of the pouch, you'll find a sturdy double belt loop that can accommodate belts up to 50mm wide.

This key pouch is specifically designed for Prison Officers, security wardens, public order officers, and uniformed personnel who require a reliable solution for carrying their keys. 

Its strength and functionality make it an ideal choice for professionals in these fields.

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