A premium high quality flame retardant tactical support belt made in Yorkshire. This technical belt cleverly distributes weight across the hips and provides support. 

It allows essential items to be hung from the belt and carried correctly and safely.

Available in different sizes. 

This belt is ideal for many different sectors including all uniform officers, public order officers and firearms officers.

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Price: £49.95 (Inc. VAT)
Price: £41.63 (Ex. VAT)

Evenly distributes weight across the hips providing lumbar support to help prevent lower back pain

  • All components are flame-retardant
  • Inherent flame-retardant leather inserted for flexibility and structure, feature punched holes for breathability
  • Flame retardant mesh exterior on the back for added airflow and breathability 
  • Two layers of flame-retardant foam distributed foam distributed across the belt for added comfort
  • Individual sets of Molle allow trouser belt to be weaved in and out
  • Three sets of Molle loop, ideal for attaching badges
  • D-ring attachment for hanging items
  • Elastic loop at each end to keep the belt secure
  • Molle pouches can be purchased with Tactical Support Belt
  • Sizes S/M - 7 sets of Molle L/XL 9 sets of Molle

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