Defender Hybrid Public Order Helmet

Welcome to the future of Public Order Helmets with the latest innovation from MLA.

We have engaged with instructors and trainers and public order officers and the development of this revolutionary helmet has been in response to the needs to improve the comfort, user experience and safety of the officers.

The Hybrid combines the proven structure of the Defender Helmet with new technology that improves comfort and safety and uses several inventions by the MLA design team for which we proudly hold patents in design and technology.

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The Defender Hybrid is the future of Public Order or Riot Helmets and its features include

  • Memory foam inside the shell and so improvements in comfort for the user
  • Helmet liner has a breathable fabric and so there is an increase in airflow and so the helmet isn’t warm to wear
  • Face Visor has an anti -mist coating and so need for a Pinlock insert
  • Face visor also has an antimicrobial coating and so protects against Covid
  • New visor bar which can be colour coated for different officers.
  • Visor bar and rubber are one piece and extend around helmet and so no fluid ingress
  • Visor hinges allow attachment of a torch or camera
  • Adjust the helmet visor just by using your fingers and not a specialist tool
  • Neck guard is VELCRO® Brand attached to the helmet and so is more durable

The Defender Hybrid is certified to the latest HOSDB standards and since its launch this year it has already become the standard for operational use in Public order policing.

“VELCRO® and ONE-WRAP® are registered trademarks of Velcro IP Holdings LLC. Used with permission.

Certificate of Compliance with Home Office (HOSDB) Standards

Made in Yorkshire


30.5cm x 27.5 cm

12 inch x 11 inch

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