The MLA Covert Harness has been designed to fill the very specialist needs of the UKs Taser armed police forces. This unique vest manages to accommodate baton, rigid cuffs and CS all on a single body panel.

Can accommodate the Lightwieght Arnold Baton and the Solid Arnold Baton 

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Made from single canvas and mesh for breathability

VELCRO® Brand fasteners and snap fittings for pouch

Comes with CS Spray pouch, speed cuff pouch, baton holder, radio carrier

Adjustable elastic around waist and length

Crocodile clips attach front and back to wearers belt

Sizes: S-M, M-L

A covert harness is a type of vest or strap system worn by law enforcement personnel and Police Officers to carry concealed firearms and other gear like cuffs.

These harnesses are designed to be discreet and comfortable, allowing the wearer to carry gear without drawing attention.

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