Constructed from durable poly carbonate with a thickness of 3 mm, this curved riot shield offers exceptional strength and resilience. 

Its rounded face is ideal as a protective barrier for law enforcement and prison personnel during operations. 

Simultaneously, the shield enables swift immobilisation of uncooperative or aggressive individuals. 

Primarily designed for use in enclosed areas like prison cells, the shield boasts two rubber handles with deep reeding that ensure a firm grip. 

These handles are long enough to accommodate two people comfortably gripping the shield with both hands.

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Curved rectangular riot shield

Made in 3mm transparent polycarbonate

Arms support attached to the outer edges of the panel providing a gap between the pad and the panel which considerably reduces the impact shock of the arm supporting the shield

Shield is secured by a quick-release clasp handle

3mm shield weighs 3kg

4mm shield weighs 4kg

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