New Website Selling MLA Anti-Microbial Face-Shields Goes Live

New Website Selling MLA Anti-Microbial Face-Shields Goes Live

Our new, innovative, anti-microbial face shield aimed at protecting people against coronavirus is now available to buy online.

A website,, has been created by MLA Universal to make it easier for customers to purchase the PPE.

This new venture has been made possible thanks to the team at MLA Ltd, who have previously worked on the Defender Public Order helmet, which is in use by officers from leading UK police forces.

Designers and engineers from MLA, have used their knowledge in polycarbonate visors to create a top quality piece of PPE .

The polycarbonate defender face shield is reusable, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant and is coated with an innovative, anti-microbial coating to give enhanced protection against microbial contamination. It is extremely comfortable; the headband is made from lightweight foam and soft elastic which relieves any pressure on the forehead.  Soft foam blocks allow airflow and avoid any misting on the polycarbonate visor.

To visit the website vis to

Enquiries can also be made to MLA , either by email: or phone (01759) 318557.