Pre-production models for our NEW DEFENDER HYBRID Riot Helmet are currently being evaluated and we are very close to releasing a certified product.

The Hybrid relies on the proven structure of the Defender shell with new technology that improves comfort and safety. Many of the new features are taken from the MLA Merlin helmet and come as a result of years of improvement and development. The hybrid uses several inventions by the MLA design team for which we proudly hold patents in design and technology.

Improvements include; a locking system which can be operated by hand so no tools required, wrap around visor rubber seal to protect cheeks against petrol run off, threaded centre pieces on the visor hinges allow the attachment of cameras and torches to both sides of the helmet, a fixed, flame-retardant, air-wicking fabric and memory foam which relieves pressure from the head hugely increasing comfort.

The Defender Hybrid will be sold at the same price as our current Defender helmet.


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