Welcome to the new MLA website!

What can our new website do for you?

A website redesign for most businesses is a pretty laborious undertaking that feels, at times, endless.

But the process that we went through over the past few months here at MLA was a rewarding one, because we got to think about how we really wanted our business, in this digital age, to be represented on the web.

The MLA Website design is the embodiment of our business online and it represents exactly how we want to be perceived and gives you an insight into who MLA are, the design team responsible for new products, the sewing room, the personnel whom make the riot helmets and our MLA customer service team.

You can now download a pdf copy of the MLA Product Guide straight away.

You will find size guides as well as product certificates and we will continue to add products that are designed in conjunction with our police and prison clients and our network of international distributors.

Please let us have any feedback about the site and how it can be improved


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