A FACE shield, with a revolutionary anti-microbial and anti-mist coating, has been developed by our team of designers and engineers, to help keep people safe in the battle against coronavirus.

We have adapted our knowledge of police visors to design a special face-shield, which is reusable, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant and which is coated an innovative anti-microbial and anti-mist coating, to give enhanced protection against microbial contamination.

Our team of designers and engineers have pooled their expertise with another company, to produce this high-quality, comfortable face-shield, which we hope will provide protection and reassurance to people across the country.

Michael Lupton, managing director, said: “We’re really delighted with this product, which we think will offer added protection to those working on the frontline.

“My son-in-law is a hospital consultant in York and has been working on the Covid wards, so I know only too well how the concerns around PPE equipment is affecting not only the hospital staff, but their families back at home too.”

The face shields are all being assembled by staff at MLA as well as outworkers from the surrounding villages to assist with production for this project.

A non-microbial face shield is also available,

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