MLA source, as well as design and manufacture in house, a comprehensive range of clothing and  offer an inhouse embroidery service – all to the highest standards and designed for tough use.

We concentrate on performance in the field. Our choice of materials and construction involves balancing the robust with the practical and comfortable – we know how important it is to have clothing and equipment that won’t let you or your staff down. This comes from our background and experience at the front line of policing. Not only are there former police officers on our team, we are also in regular contact with members of today’s forces.

As our clothing product range is extensive, not everything can be featured on this website.


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However, please call us on +44 (0) 1759 318557 if you don’t find what you’re looking for or if we can help you with a Bespoke Design for a specialist application.

Trust Vest

Realising a market need for a protective garment aimed at minimizing the risk of injury to the limbs and torso from low velocity blunt trauma impacts, such as those caused by hand thrown missiles and hand wielded weapons.

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Balaclavas & Neck Rolls

Balaclavas and Neck Rolls provide not only additional warmth and comfort when wearing helmets but are also crucial protection from potential fire hazards.

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Flame Retardant Clothing

We offer a range of fire-retardant clothing for work in the field, including balaclavas, vests and long johns. All our fire-retardant gear conforms to EN531 standards and are machine washable.

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5.11 Clothing

Our high-performance clothing is designed for comfort and durability. Our TDU trousers, part of the Tactical Series, have a self-adjusting comfort-waist and cargo pockets with built-in backup belt system to carry additional gear. Our breathable, lightweight jackets offer high performance protection in both dry and wet weather conditions. Suitable for… Read more »

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Control & Restraint

Our popular range of C&R Instructors clothing has been expanded to include heavyweight versions of the Polo and T-shirts and a new reversible fleece. Bigger, brighter embroidery with the name and title on the opposite side of the chest to the badge.

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