Restraints – Fastrap & Handcuffs

MLA Police handcuffs and restraints are used by police forces throughout the UK. We offer a selection of hinged, chain link and rigid handcuffs in steel as well as plastic wrist restraints. MLA also stock leather and suedette wrist protectors.

Product Description


    The MLA Fastrap restraint increases safety and security for officer, subject and surroundings during arrest and transportation of a suspect.

The Fastrap restraint is part of the National Framework Contract and is manufactured using genuine VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape.

  • Simple low-cost temporary restraint
  • Compact, lightweight belt-mounted system
  • Reduces the risk of injury to the officer from kicks following handcuffing
  • Reduces the risk of damage to vehicles and property
  • Hardwearing and water–resistant
  • Simple training-can be incorporated into existing handcuff or custody skills training
  • Training time less than 2 hours for a trained handcuff user

Increases safety and security for the officer, subject and surroundings during:

  • Movement from the scene of an arrest to the vehicle
  • Placement of the subject into a vehicle or cell
  • Arrest processing and fingerprinting
  • Relocation of potentially violent persons


  • Rigid handcuff in use with police throughout the UK
  • Integrated steel handcuff with ergonomic plastic grip
  • Back-load feature
  • Triple independent locking bars
  • 25 locking positions
  • Cuff perimeter 146mm minimum 235mm maximum
  • Supplied with 2 keys


  • Rust-resistant nickel plated steel
  • Double-link steel chain
  • Standard Double locking mechanism
  • Triple independent locking bars
  • Shackle can be back-loaded for speed cuffing
  • Two Keys provided
  • 23 locking positions
  • Cuff perimeter 134mm minimum 210 maximum

Also available:


  • 15% bigger cuffs
  • 25 locking positions
  • Cuff perimeter 146mm minimum 235mm maximum

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