Public Order Helmets

MLA design and manufacture a range of public order helmets and ballistic helmets. All out public order helmets are built to HOSDB standard. Our Defender public order helmet is part of the National Framework Contract.

We also offer a range of optional extras including visors, helmet bags, torch mounting systems and belt mounted helmet carriers.

The MLA range of public order and anti-riot Helmets are intended for Police use for public order duties.

All our police helmets have been tested to PSDB Publication No. 21/04.
MLA Public Order Helmets offer protection against manual attack weapons and injurious and flammable liquids.

PLEASE NOTE; Public Order Helmets and anti-riot helmets offer NO PROTECTION against ballistic attack.

The visor is formed from 3MM polycarbonate, and is anti-fog (AF-1140) coated.

We also offer a range of optional extras including visors, helmet bags, torch mounting systems, helmet bags and belt mounted helmet carriers.

The assembly and construction of the ‘Defender’ public order helmet was brought in-house in 2014.

A new improved helmet; 'Merlin', will also soon be put into production at MLA's helmet assembly plant in Yorkshire.

Product Description



The Defender is MLA’s best-selling public order helmet and is available under the National Framework Contract for Public Order Equipment.

  • Rugged impact-resistant fibre glass shell
  • Certified to HOSBD 21/04 Standard
  • Solid aluminium visor bar
  • 7 years’ shelf life
  • Flame-retardant inner lining
  • Optional removable/washable inner lining
  • Close Contact Visor
  • Close-fitting visor
  • Improved hearing attenuation
  • Flame-retardant padded neckguard
  • 3mm anti-mist anti-scratch visor
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Sizes 0-6 (51cm-64cm)


Guardian Mark III

  • Certified to HOSBD 21/04 standard
  • Flame-retardant GRP shell, Kevlar reinforced
  • 3mm polycarbonate anti-mist visor
  • Padded flame-retardant neck guard
  • Variety of colours
  • Sizes 7-8

Optional Extras are available with every MLA Helmet

Size Guide

Public Order Helmet Size Guide

Product Certification

Defender Helmet Certificate

Guardian MK3 Helmet Certification

Guardian MK3 XL Helmet Certification

Defender Helmet Size Certification

DF02 Visor Certification

V3/3 Visor Certificate

V3/4 Visor Certification

Guardian MK3 V3/R Visor Certification

Helmet Pinlock Compliance Certification

If a specific certificate is not listed please call us to check our records.

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