New Year, New Website, Newsletter!

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What can our newly designed website do for you?

A website redesign for most businesses is a pretty laborious undertaking that feels, at times, endless.

But the process that we went through over the past few months here at MLA was a rewarding one, because we got to think about how we really wanted our business, in this digital age, to be represented on the web and brought that from scribbled brainstorming session notes to reality.

Our new design is the embodiment of our business online —  a bit like having a storefront on a high street. It represents exactly how we want to be perceived and gives you an insight into who MLA are; who’s at the helm, who designs new products, who makes up the team in the sewing room, who assembles MLA’s helmets, who ships your orders out – we hope it shows exactly what we stand for and most importantly, how we can help YOU.

On a very practical level, you can now download a pdf copy of the MLA Product Guide straight away. Size guides for most of our products that have one are there too – as well as certificates where applicable. More products will continue to be added and a new digital edition of our full product guide will be launched within the next couple of months.

Do let us have any feedback about the new website – please email:

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