Limb Protection

National Framework Contract

MLA offer a comprehensive range of body armour and Police Limb Protection. All our police limb protection equipment has been certified to HOSDB 20/07 Blunt Trauma Protection Standard for the UK Police.

We also offer a range of Mounted police protective equipment - essential if Police horses are to avoid serious injury. Horses have proved to be very effective in riot control but also easy to set out of action if they are missing protective equipment.
MLA offer horse visors, nose guards and horse limb protection to ensure Police horse injuries are kept to a minimum.

Available under the National Framework Contract for Public Order Equipment.

Product Description

Shoulder/Upper Arm Guard


Forearm/Elbow Guard


Thigh Guard


Lower Leg Guard


Metatarsal Guard




Nose Protector


Front Leg Protector


Hind Leg Protector


Product Certification

Shoulder/Upper Arm Guard Certification

Upper Arm Guard Certification

Forearm/Elbow Guard Certification

Thigh Guard Certification

Knee/Shin Guard Certification

Reduced Metatarsal Guard Certification

Metatarsal Guard Certification

If a specific certificate is not listed please call us to check our records.

Product Guide

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