The Defender Face Shield combines a robust, yet lightweight heavy-duty polycarbonate visor incorporating a revolutionary microbial coating to massively reduce the risk of the wearer contracting Covid 19.

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Designed and manufactured in UK the benefits to the user of the Defender Face Shield are:

Virus Protection

Incorporating MicroGuard™ as a ground-breaking anti-microbial coating that has been specially formulated to give enhanced protection against microbial contamination.

Very Comfortable

Headband made from low-density soft contoured foam and relieves any pressure on the forehead enabling the user to wear the face-shield for up to 8 hours at a time.

Multiple Usage (not disposable) 

Made from polycarbonate and enables the visor to be cleaned and worn multiple times

Abrasion Resistance

Protects against, scuffs, marks and scratches allowing excellent visibility

 Compatible & Practical 

Fits comfortably with glasses or surgical masks and is anti-glare.


Allows full unrestricted head movement and ideal for use in most applications.


Follows the contours of the face to eliminate gaps and so giving the user total reassurance.

Maximum Protection

Full face shield provides medium-energy impact protection for the wearer.